6 Low Budget Movies That Won Top Awards Worth Watching!

low budget movies

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For viewers, the cinema is an excellent way to get to know other worlds and ways of life. However, producing these stories is not cheap, or at least not in most cases.

When you add up the salaries of actors, makeup artists, costume managers, and videographers, as well as the creation or rental of recording sets, many Hollywood productions start with a budget of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But in the seventh art, there are also movies that were recorded with the bare minimum and multiplied their small investment by obtaining excellent box office profits. And not only that, but they also became a cultural phenomenon and won several awards.

Such is the case of the films that we show you below.

#1. Paranormal Activity

paranormal activity movie

It is currently a franchise, since it already has six films of the same style: they are supposedly home-recorded footage and the videos show the presence of ghosts and supernatural entities.

But, did you know that it all started with a budget of between $ 11,000 and $ 15,000?

In contrast, it is estimated that it earned 193 million dollars after its exhibition in theaters around the world.

Even though it only won one award (best horror movie at the Teen Choice Awards), it became quite a pop culture phenomenon.

#2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

monty python and the holy grail movie

In this film, which chronicles the search undertaken by King Arthur and his knights to find the Holy Grail, the lack of budget is more than evident. Suffice it to mention the “invisible” horses that the characters ride.

Still, it became a hit with humor and satire and won the Lighthouse Island Film Festival’s Best Newcomer award.

#3. The Blair Witch Project

the blair witch project movie

The independent film was made for just $ 15,000, but it racked up more than $ 193 million after Paramount distributed it worldwide.

In addition to becoming one of the horror classics, it won the Independent Spirit Award, Nova from the American Guild of Producers and Youth at the Cannes Film Festival.

#4. Juno

juno movie

Unlike the other tapes on the list, this one did have a bigger budget: $ 7.5 million. Still, it is considered a low amount compared to other Hollywood movies.

At US box offices, it grossed 143 million dollars. In addition, it won the Oscar for best original screenplay.

#5. Mad Max

mad max movie

It is currently one of the most endearing action films of all time, but no one expected it to be so successful in the beginning. It was filmed for just $ 350,000 and grossed $ 100 million globally.

It is also considered that it paved the way for other Australian productions to be screened in the rest of the world. The Australian Film Institute gave him 4 awards.

#6. Halloween

halloween movie

Low-budget horror movies are apparently destined to become box office hits.

The original Mike Myers story also started production with little money (though more than the others on the list): $ 300,000. At the US box office, he received a total of $ 47 million.

Although it did not win awards, it did gain critical and audience recognition.

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