6 Things That Make Luke Skywalker the Best Star Wars Character – No One Can Replace Him

Luke Skywalker

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Luke Skywalker is the protagonist of the most popular science fiction films, Star Wars. He becomes the hope so that the dark side does not dominate the galaxy, and thanks to that, he becomes the hero par excellence. The character is one of the most loved by all, and there are several reasons for this that we will list below:

1) He’s an Exceptional Pilot

exceptional pilot

Although Luke does have piloting experience, he had never put it to the test until he received the message from RD-D2.

When it was time to go destroy the Death Star, he was one of the few survivors and was able to put an end to the fearsome structure despite being chased by Darth Vader.

Whether riding an X-Wing or a snowspeeder, he showed that he inherited his father’s talent, who was also a remarkable pilot from his childhood.

2) He Always Cares About Others

luke skywalker cares

Anakin’s son had many difficulties during his Jedi training, such as constantly fighting against his father and worrying about his uncles and friends’ well-being.

Control of emotions is essential for Jedi Knights in the moments that affect them, which was a challenge for the hero.

When he learns that his friend Biggs Darklighter is killed or when he puts his life on the line to save Leia and Han from Jabba, he showed that what he cares most about is keeping others safe. He even ignored Master Yoda’s instructions in order to support his friends.

3) His Clothing Reflects His Growth

luke skywalker cloth

All Star Wars costumes are amazing, although Luke’s may be the most important because they reflect who he is and where he is at that moment.

When he appears on stage the first time, he has a very humble and very simple dress, but that is changing little by little. Go from an ordinary inhabitant of Tatooine, to a pilot, and then to Jedi.

Remember that black hooded suit that confirms that he is already a master of the Force?

4) His Curiosity

luke skywalker curiosity

Luke’s curiosity is part of his restlessness to want to see what else is out there, that guides him to buy R2-D2 and see the secrets it hides.

Also when Obi-Wan talks to him about the Force, it sparks his interest in training and being a Jedi, as if that weren’t enough that is what prompts him to go after Grogu. That’s why it’s the best!

5) Test Himself Constantly

luke skywalker constantly

From the beginning, it is important for him to show his worth at various times, he does not triumph at all, but his personal challenge is constant, and that can be clearly seen even when he is with Rey. He himself knows that he is good at what he does, but he always tries to go above and beyond.

6) His Great Humility

luke skywalker humility

Luke never asks for flattery or appreciation or acts like he has all the answers. You just want to help the people you care about and get stronger. In fact, when he meets Yoda for the first time, and still does not know that he is a Jedi master, he accompanies him to his house and eats the food he offers him. The presumption is out of character at all times, so that’s something audiences fell in love with.

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