Celebrities who fell in love while filming a series, but kept it a secret

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It is said that love comes when you least expect it, and many celebrities experienced it while they were working. However, some had to hide their romance so as not to jeopardize the projects in which they worked.
These 9 celebrity couples were shot while filming a series, and the public never suspected it.

#1 Blake Lively and Penn Badgley

In Gossip girl, Blake Lively played Serena, and Penn Badgley played Dan. They met and fell in love on the set, a matter that they kept secret for a long time.

However, the secret came to light some time later and so we learned that they lasted 3 years and ended when the filming was still going on. Also, the handsome actor revealed that Blake gave him the worst kiss of his life.

#2 Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser

The Gilmore Girls star had a small appearance in Mad Men, where she played a married woman who crosses paths with Pete, played by Vincent Kartheiser.

Interestingly, their relationship did prosper, as the actors married in 2014 and are still together.

#3 Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki

This is another couple that came out of fiction and into real life. Their relationship flourished in 2007, the same year The Big Bang Theory began, where they played Penny and Leonard.
They broke up after 2 years, but they continued to be great friends.

#4 Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

In Game of Thrones, their characters didn’t have a happy ending; However, real-life had something different planned for them, and in 2018 they reached the altar.

#5 Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof

Alyson gave life to one of the main characters of How I Met Your Mother, Lily, who is the best friend of Ted, the protagonist.

There she met her husband today, Alexis Denisof, who is remembered for playing Sandy Rivers, Robin’s fellow journalist, in the sitcom.

#6 Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli

Latin America also has these romantic stories, and proof of this is the tender relationship between Angelique and Sebastián.

They starred in several soap operas together. But it was until 2014 that they began a courtship that lasts to this day.

#7 Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush

These two actors fell in love with each other after appearing in the television production One Tree Hill.

They married in 2005, but signed a divorce a year later. This led to Chad quitting the series after three seasons.

#8 Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev

The chemistry that was seen between Elena (Nina) and Damon (Ian) in The Vampire Diaries was not the work of the acting, since the attraction between them was real.

They had a famous romance, and when they finished, Dobrev said goodbye to the show.

#9 Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody

There were also sparks on the set of The OC, as love arose between Rachel and Adam.

However, their courtship was unsuccessful, and Bilson stated that maintaining a relationship with his co-worker was stressful, both on and off set.

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