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This app has been carefully created with the viewer in mind. Scroll below to see how Spoilr can help improve your viewing experience!

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What is Spoilr?

A level where you can have more fun, joy, and entertainment than you ever thought possible? 

Here at Spoilr, we help people get the ultimate viewing experience. Spoilr is excellent, whether you are watching your favorite show or seeing a movie for the first time. 

Before we dive in, we have to expose one long-held myth. A myth that has prevented millions of people from getting the full enjoyment from shows and movies…

What is this ancient myth?

That spoilers ruin movies and shows. Time and time again, people THINK that spoilers ruin movies and shows. But the research shows just the opposite. 

In fact, spoilers can help people enjoy the show more than they ever thought possible. 

With Spoilr, there is now a fun and clever way to “spoil” movies and shows with your friends and family! 

Early testers quickly realize that they have been missing out their entire life. Stop missing out and check out Spoilr today! 
This app has been carefully created with the viewer in mind. Scroll below to see how Spoilr can help improve your viewing experience! 

Spoilr - Ultimate Viewing Experience!

Enjoy endless fun with your friends via Spoilr. Spoilr is a new community-based app where users can share spoilers of their favorite shows and movies. Feel free to send spoiler as text, image, video, or even URL.

Send a spoiler to one friend or your whole network! Better yet, receive spoilers from others (if you want to) to enjoy the best entertainment possible! Spoilr has followed the science to provide users with the most fulfilling experience possible.

Stop Missing Vital Details

Countless information and detail are missed when watching a movie or show for the first time. There is simply too much information going on to take in everything. Knowing key information in advance will help you pick up on the smallest of details, allowing you to fully enjoy and experience the movie. 

Share Movies And Shows With Friends And Family

Let’s be real, shows and movies are much better when we can enjoy them together! Even if we aren’t watching them together, just talking about them can be a tremendous joy. Spoilr helps friends connect over movies even if they are miles away. Keep each other updated with the best spoilers around. 

Don't Let Suspense Ruin The Show

Suspense has a way of distracting us from what is going on. Rather than pay attention and enjoy the NOW, our brain is thinking two steps ahead and is missing out. By relieving some of the suspense, you will be able to enjoy the movie better. This is especially true if you feel a little overwhelmed from prolonged suspense. 

Become Empowered With Spoilr

Spoilr puts you in charge when it comes to watching shows and movies. With Spoilr you and your friends can help each skip over the boring parts without missing a beat. This is especially important when you are running low on time but still have a lot to watch! 

Science Proven And Tested

It is difficult for people to know what they truly want. Frequently, what they think they want isn’t what they enjoy. This is just the case when it comes to “spoilers.” Almost everyone says, “don’t spoil the movie!”… But in reality? Studies show people have a better experience when they receive spoilers! Follow the science and use Spoilr today!  

Enjoy Friendly Fun!

With Spoilr, you are in charge of the spoiling! Send the spoiler you want to your favorite people! Come up with new games and ways to “spoil” each other’s day! Spoilr is a fast and easy way to stay connected and to keep having fun! Don’t miss out and join your friends on Spoilr today. 

Simple And Easy

Spoilr provides an instant and easy way to connect with your friends and bond over shows and movies. This app is designed with you in mind. We have kept everything as convenient as possible from signing up, to sending spoilers and even connecting with your community. Enjoy a hassle-free app created with you in mind.

Stay Up To Date With All Your Shows

With so many shows and movies out, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with them all. There are only so many hours in a day and countless hours of entertainment to watch. Let your friends keep you updated on the latest and greatest happenings in all the shows you enjoy together. 

Easily Catch Back Up With Your Favorite Shows

Did you fall behind in a tv show? Catch back up with unlimited spoilers! Spoilers are a way to quickly gather all the important information you need to catch up and enjoy the show. Life can get busy – Spoilr helps you catch back up! 

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